The 5 values of Studo

Quality, Inclusion, Durability, Love Brand and Security. These are the five values on which the work of Studo is based. A small insight into our philosophy.

von Isabella Zick

He got lost on the way to the lecture hall. Thick concrete walls in the basement of the university didn't allow an access to the internet and thus to the university website. Much too late, telematics student Valentin Slawicek arrives at the lecture hall and is annoyed: It's 2014 and there is no app to quickly determine the location of the lecture hall. That very afternoon he should program the first prototype of the Studo app.
The app, born out of a spontaneous idea, is now a reliable assistant to over 200,000 students. Studo, the app for organizing studies, and the team behind it have grown since then - and still remain true to their five values.

The Studo team consists of creative, curious developers and communicators and shares a great mission: to be a constant supporter of students and universities with reliable and safe services. Why? Because education is the key to a mature, happy and sustainable society and Studo, through its own developments, contributes to an efficient and modern organization in the field of higher education.

№ 1 –  Quality

By students for students. The Studo App was created according to this motto and has been intensively developed since 2016. An experienced team of developers, some of whom are still actively studying, is responsible for the maintenance and further development of the Studo App. Thanks to an ongoing feedback process with students and universities, development is always geared to the wishes of the users - with the highest quality and security.

№ 2 –  Security

Data protection and data security are two of the most important concerns of the Studo team. We reduce access to data to an absolute minimum to ensure greater security. The data of our users is at no time in our hands, but the data always remains on the university servers. The user name and password of the university account are only encrypted in an area secured by the operating system on the user's mobile device. You can find more information on data protection in the Studo App here.

Data protection and data security are a top priority at Studo. - Photo: Pexels

The Studo servers, located exclusively in the EU, also ensure the highest level of security and data protection. Information such as personal calendar entries and messages in the Studo chat are also backed up exclusively on servers located in the EU by EU companies for data security purposes.

№ 3 – Inclusion

Studo is inclusive - on all levels. For example, did you know that blind students can also use the Studo App? Thanks to the accessibility of the Studo App, students with visual impairments can move around the campus and study independently. Studo is also available for students who study at several universities. These students can use the app across different universities and thus easily organize their studies with several university systems, mail accounts, etc.

Inclusion is also essential for Studo when working with universities. The Studo app does not replace university systems, but integrates the numerous systems into one handy app. The mobile service is an ideal supplement for students and universities. It doesn't matter how many systems a university has - in the app you can find them all clearly arranged.

№ 4 –  Consistency

"We want to build a company and a corporate culture that is sustainable and consistent", the Studo founders agreed from the very beginning. Therefore, not only in the app development, but also regarding the cooperation with universities and university representatives and in the communication with users of the app, all actions are made sure that they are sustainable. This is the only way students and universities can be sure that Studo will be a reliable partner for them throughout their studies. Part of this long-term partnership is the open feedback culture through which the Studo app and optional add-on modules are developed. This ensures that Studo continues to grow sustainably as a company.

№ 5 – Love Brand

For us, Studo is a love brand. A brand that exerts such a strong attraction on users that it is not only preferred over other brands, but "loved". At Studo, this can be seen in the enthusiasm of students and universities and the dedication with which the Studo team works on the app. A love brand is something you stay true to, and that's why the app actually accompanies students throughout their entire student life. And for the Studo team? For them, "Studo - the app for your studies" became the app for life.

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