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Digitize your university with Studo Flow

We empower universities to digitize and simplify their administrative processes. You can configure and combine our modules specifically for your university’s needs. Studo Flow modules are easy to integrate into existing systems and complement them in the best way possible. Let’s dive into our product portfolio and find out how we can support your university.

Studo Flow is the first European SaaS platform specialized in higher education administration. Aimed at small, emerging HEIs, we provide a simple way to establish digital structures. So that they can digitize their processes even without large development resources. 

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Go with the Flow

Analogue administrative processes involve a lot of time and effort for university staff. Does your university use attendance lists that are filled out with pen and paper? Or do lecturers coordinate student groups and meeting dates by hand? Processes like these can be simplified and digitized with Studo Flow in just a few minutes.

Studo Flow is a software solution that unifies a collection of modules:

Campus Management Light

Organize university data in our CMS

The basis for your campus organization must yet be created? That's why we have developed Campus Management Light. Thanks to the simple and clear UI, data on students, lectures and appointments can be easily integrated. And: It’s the perfect foundation for further digitalization steps like our Studo Flow modules.

Let's talk about how we can support your university:

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colourful building blocks

SaaS: Build your Flow

Studo Flow is the basis for universities’ visions. Think of our platform and its modules as building blocks: You choose the modules you currently need and combine them to build exactly the processes you want digitize at your university. Add new modules when needed, or take one away again – we'll help you find the best solution for your university’s needs.

You want to digitize a new process with Studo Flow? Reach out to us to find out how you can use our open framework for your individual use case.

Software as a service for universities

We have worked as a software provider with universities for more than seven years. Using software as a service, we can support universities in an even faster, easier and more empowering way. Here are 4 reasons, why using software as a service (SaaS) could be the solution for your university:

Time and money.

SaaS solutions are easy to implement and reduce stress for university staff. With an already built solution, you save time and resources that go into developing, testing and maintaining software.


With SaaS, your university can digitize processes independently and autonomously. You are guided step by step through our intuitive framework – however, you can still make adaptations at a later stage.


You want to be an innovative digital university? Pioneers like you have great ideas and we look forward to support your vision with our digital processes.


Our modules are easy to use and can be configured to the needs of your university. Branded in your university's design, our solutions integrate naturally with the university's existing systems.

Security and quality are our top priority

We live a sustainable approach in our software development and in our company structure. Our goal is to provide long-term and trustworthy support to universities and students and to deliver the highest software quality.
That’s why data security and the quality of Studo Flow is our highest concern. This means for example: All our services are 100% GDPR compliant and our Studo Flow infrastructure supports authorization frameworks like OAuth (OIDC), SAML and LDAP.

For further information on Studo Flow, please reach out to our Managing Directors Lorenz Schmoly and Andraž Hajdenkumer:

Andraž Hajdenkumer

Cooperations Manager