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About us

Get to know the Studo-Team

Since 2016, we have been working passionately on digital solutions for students and universities - together as a team. That is also what makes Studo special: the people behind it. Our team consists of open, creative and motivated people who work every day to support students and universities in the best possible way.

An app by students for students

Studo was founded in 2016 by five students to make everyday study life easier for students all over Europe. After the successful launch of the app, more and more universities became aware of our innovation. Initial collaborations led to joint development projects and eventually to long-term, trusting partnerships. Today, we are very proud to be able to support not only students but also universities on a daily basis.

team photo of studo employees pointing to studo iconThe Studo team now consists of around 30 people.
three managers of Studo smiling in cameraThe management team behind Studo consists of Valentin Slawicek, chief developer and inventor of Studo, Managing Director Lorenz Schmoly and COO Andraž Hajdenkumer.

Quality and sustainability

Studo is still in the hands of its founders, who wanted to build the company sustainably from the very beginning. We put our passion into this joint project to ensure the highest software quality and to be the best possible partner for our students and universities. Why?

Because we are committed to the five values of quality, security, consistency, inclusion and love brand.

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Contact Studo

We look forward to getting to know you!
Please contact our cooperation manager Lorenz Schmoly for questions about university cooperations and our public relations manager Isabella Zick for media enquiries.