Studo in 2022: Our annual review

The last days of 2022 are passing by. Like every year, this is the perfect opportunity to look back, reflect and also celebrate a little bit. Because: 2022 was an incredibly exciting year for us, which gives us reason to celebrate not only in Austria, but in Germany and in Slovenia as well!


from Isabella Zick

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As we look back on this year, it was – once again – full of challenges that we faced as society. As a company, we are not immune to these outside influences and had to find ways to adapt to new realities. None of this would have worked without an incredibly talented team, full of heart and drive, working every day for our students and universities. Because only together do we manage not only to get through challenging times, but also to master them. And at the end of the day, we can proudly look back on our success together.

Studo in Slovenia: Our Team in Maribor

In April 2022 we were finally able to announce it: Studo Slovenia is launching! We had been in close contact with the team behind the student app Leksi for many years, especially with the founders Andraž Hajdenkumer and Nejc Planer. However, what had started out as a solely technical collaboration was now to become something more: Leksi became Studo – in design, in communication and in the entire team structure. We now work closely together across borders and turned into one committed Studo crew – at the latest after the numerous joint team events.

photo of Studo team in Croatia

Since the start in Slovenia, we have been able to launch several university partnerships. University of Primorska is one of the three large public universities in Slovenia that we have partnered with. But the Studo App was not the only product launched there, also our Digital Student Card including a door opening system. Three faculties of the University of Ljubljana are also already using the Studo App for their students. The two private universities Gea College and Academia have joined us with the Leksi team. These two universities have been trusting our app for a long time and have strengthened their cooperation even more this year.

At our launch event in Maribor, we were able to share our plans in Slovenia with our new partners for the first time.

In the upcoming year, we want to do everything we can to strengthen these new partnerships and work together on new solutions. We are incredibly grateful for the trust and enthusiasm that universities and students have shown us and our app. Thank you very much for the great opportunities in Slovenia!

Studo in Österreich: Neue Partner*innen und Projekte

Auch in Österreich wurde es in diesem Jahr natürlich nicht langweilig. Wir durften die Studo App als offizielle Campus-App an folgenden Hochschulen einführen: an der Universität Klagenfurt, der PH Vorarlberg und dem Austrian Institute of Management, außerdem arbeiten wir neu mit der HV der Privaten Pädagogischen Hochschule Augustinum und dem Alumniverein der BOKU Wien zusammen.

Studo in Austria: New partners and projects

As usual, things didn't get boring in Austria this year either. We were able to introduce the Studo App as the official campus app at the following universities: the University of Klagenfurt, the PH Vorarlberg and the Austrian Institute of Management. We are now also working with the student union of Augustinum Private University of Teacher Education and the alumni association of BOKU Vienna.

Also, we had the opportunity to launch the digital student card at several Austrian universities.

If you've been following us for a while, you know how important social matters are to us. Together with our Studo community, we have therefore repeatedly realised campaigns that focus on important topics such as mental health, violence prevention or LGBTQIA+. We are particularly proud of the award we received this summer for our commitment in the area of mental health. With projects like this, we want to shine a light on those issues that are close to our students' and our hearts – and this much we can reveal: We have a lot planned for the new year as well!

Studo in Germany: Next steps

We have been active in Germany since 2020 and got to know the higher education sector there very well since then. One encounter we are particularly pleased about was the one with Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts. FH Dortmund has been a partner of ours since March 2022. Together with this large university of applied sciences, we launched the digital ID card and the in-app ticket for public transport. Other new additions to the Studo family were: SRH – The Mobile University as well as the International Office and the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at University of Cologne. A heartfelt thank you for your trust!

Since March 2022: The digital student ID card and the digital public transport ticket at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Dortmund.

What's next for Studo in 2023?

When you reflect on the past year, you always think of a few things you would like to do differently or even improve on in the upcoming year. A few of our resolutions have stuck with us over the last few years – and as they say: never change a winning team. Therefore: In 2023, we again want to do everything we can to provide students and universities with the best services and guidance. We want to continue to be there for our Studo users every day – because they simply are the best community you can imagine.

As a company, we want to grow sustainably and continue to focus on the people without whom none of this would be possible: our team. But for now, we'll use the holidays for a little rest and time spent with our loved ones. And then we will start into the new year 2023 filled with energy and motivation – we are looking forward to it!

We wish all our university partners, students and supporters a wonderful start into the new year. Best of luck, health and success for 2023,
the Studo team ❤️

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