Digital Student Card

Student ID in the Studo App

Secure, digital and always at hand on the smartphone: with the digital student card from Studo you are offering your students a modern and sustainable solution for identification.

The Digital Student Card is always at hand on your students' smartphones. Adapted to the design of your university, students can identify themselves at the university, but also for discounts or student rebates. The digital ID can be created for students but also for university staff. Additionally, it can also be used for access to the library, cafeteria and many more.

The digital student ID card was developed and launched in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences CAMPUS 02.

Exemplary presentation of Digital Student Card

Security features of the Digital Student Card:

  • The digital ID connects to the campus management system of a university and thus displays data such as name, date of birth, student number/identification number, validity or the issuer.

  • The confidence building design is based on the design of the analogue student ID cards. With a hologram as a verification feature, authenticity can be verified at a glance.

  • Cryptographic verification: Another security feature is an integrated QR code that verifies the validity of the ID card when scanned. With ECDSA signature using the secure secp256k1 curve and SHA-256, the above information including the time stamp is signed. The cryptographic verification is provided by Studo as an open source module and can be easily integrated into other existing systems of a university.

Additional use cases:

  • Library card: The Digital Student Card can also be used as a library card thanks to the ISBN-compatible barcode. This code can be linked to a library account or to a student number or personal identification number.

  • Payment card: Part of the Digital Student Card is an ECDSA-signed QR code, which, with the agreement of the university, can also contain payment information. It is therefore possible to integrate this cryptographically secured information into payment systems.

  • Copy & print card: The cryptographically signed QR code can also be used to integrate the Digital Student Card as a copy & print card.

  • Public transport ticket: With the cooperation of the respective public transport system, it is also possible to use the Digital Student Card as a ticket for public transport.

  • International student card: The Digital Student Card contains all the necessary information to be accepted internationally at cultural institutions and the like.

The Digital Student Card is designed in a way that all these functions can be added in a modular way. Depending on the system landscape, the Digital Student Card can thus be adapted so that all systems can be integrated and all necessary information is displayed on the Digital Student Card.

Lorenz Schmoly

Cooperations Manager