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Individual Campus App

White labelling and standalone app for your university brand

Are you looking for your own app for your university? We offer two different ways to customise the Studo App for your university: White labelling of the Studo App or your own campus app as a standalone version.

An app like ours enables students to stay in touch with their university from their first day on campus until they graduate. Strengthen the trust and awareness of your university's brand with a white label solution of the Studo App.

White Labelling of the Studo App

Customising the Studo app through white labelling is a simple but very effective way for your university to be visually present in the app. We use various design elements to adapt the app to your corporate design - in all the colours of the rainbow. Here's an example of what our white labelling looks like:

exemplary presentation of Studo App in different colorful designsA few insights into our Studo App as a white-label solution. 🌈 We swap our Studo red for your university colors, logo and individual image elements.

Just for you: our Standalone App

Our standalone app is the ideal solution if you want to be present with your own app – without having to develop an app in-house. Your individual standalone app is based on the infrastructure of the Studo App, but appears with its own name and design in the app stores.

Together with our development team, we adapt your standalone app exactly to your needs. We also guide you through the entire process of publishing the app in the respective app stores. Once the app is live, we continuously develop and maintain it. We also take care of all first, second and third level support.

Check out OTH Amberg-Weiden and SRH Heidelberg to see our standalone apps in action.

mockup of OTH Amberg-Weiden appThis is how the standalone app of the OTH Amberg-Weiden appears in the Apple App Store.
Mockup of SRH Heidelberg appAt SRH Heidelberg, their students use the "SRH Studies" app.

If you are interested in the Studo App in your university design, please contact our cooperation manager Lorenz Schmoly.

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