Workload Assessment

Improved workload insights to support credit distribution

The workload assessment is an additional module with one big goal: to increase studyability. Students continuously record their workload and time spent on courses. This data can be used to determine whether the ECTS weighting and the prerequisite chains have been established in an accurate way.

If desired, universities can have the module integrated into the Studo app. The workload assessment was designed and developed together with the Quality Management of the Medical University of Graz.

What is studyability?

A degree program is studyable if it is possible for students to complete the program with a reasonable workload in the intended duration, as stated by the Austrian ministry of education.

The advantages of the Workload Assessment: 

  • Simple survey of workload

  • High response rate compared to analog solutions

  • Data basis for determining the quality of curricula

  • Basis for setting measures to improve studyability

Exemplary presentation of the Workload Assessment at Medical University of Graz

How the evaluation works:

As a user of the Workload Assessment, your university receives the live evaluation of any number of courses on our Studo Connect platform. You can evaluate the statistics with the following features:

  • Eight evaluation diagrams that allow for daily or grouped statistical evaluations.

  • Flexible period filtering and a completeness filter to make statistically correct statements.

  • Export & print of the evaluations in A4 format.

  • Direct connection to your university administration system to integrate courses into the workload survey without any effort.

For students

Students can use the workload survey as a journal and add value to the student organization through their entries. You will receive live statistics per course. Here's how the workload survey works for students:

Anonymous comments: Students can provide straightforward feedback on the Workload Assessment directly per course.
Offline input: Not every university building guarantees a perfect internet connection at every location. Students can enter their amounts into the Workload Assessment even without an active internet connection. These amounts will be automatically synchronized as soon as an internet connection is available again.
Automatic calendar integration: To enable uncomplicated entries, the student's attendance time on the respective day is automatically enabled when entering the workload without any additional effort. The close linking of the Workload Assessment with the Studo calendar thus enables easy entry – which has a very positive effect on the completion rate.

Lorenz Schmoly

Cooperations Manager