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Workload Assessment

Improved workload insights to support credit distribution

Student activity is dropping? With our Workload Assessment, we pursue one major goal: to increase studyability. Students continuously record the amount of work and time they spend on courses. Universities use this data to determine whether ECTS weighting and prerequisite chains are set sensibly.

Many universities face the problem that the activity of students is decreasing. In addition, it is often unclear whether lecture time, studying for exams and writing papers actually take up as much time as specified according to ECTS credits. That is why we have developed the workload survey for quality management.

The advantages of the Workload Assessment: 

  • Simple survey of workload

  • High response rate compared to analog solutions

  • Data basis for determining the quality of curricula and for setting measures to improve studyability

exemplary presentation of the webinterface of the workload assessmentExemplary presentation of the Workload Assessment

How the evaluation works:

As a user of the Workload Assessment, your university receives the live evaluation of any number of courses on our Studo Connect platform. You can evaluate the statistics with the following features:

  • Eight evaluation diagrams that allow for daily or grouped statistical evaluations.

  • Flexible period filtering and a completeness filter to make statistically correct statements.

  • Export & print of the evaluations in A4 format.

  • Direct connection to your university administration system to integrate courses into the workload survey without any effort.

Advantages for students

Students use the workload survey as a study diary and thus have an overview of the effort and time they invest in a course. We remind students to participate in the workload survey every day. In just a few seconds, they indicate whether they have spent time attending class, studying on their own, and writing papers.

If you are interested in the workload survey, please contact our cooperation manager Lorenz Schmoly by mail or phone.

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