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Studo App

Everything for your studies

Simple, concise, inclusive – that is the Studo App for students. It combines the entire course of study in a well-structured system. The app integrates all existing services of your university without any additional effort on your part.

Whether the campus management system, e-learning platform or mail access - all systems are available in the Studo App with just one click. With this all-round package, you're offering your students a modern digital service for organizing their studies and increasing their activity during their studies.

The Studo App – in a nutshell

The Studo App is a web browser app that displays university systems in a mobile-optimised way and enhances them with additional study services. The basic version of our app is used by over 400,000 students in nine countries. The Studo App is particularly popular with students in Austria, Germany and Slovenia. Through cooperation with universities and the purchase of our campus licence, students can use the Studo App free of charge.

In the Studo app, you will find university services as well as Studo features such as a newsfeed or chat.

Integration and inclusion

We integrate all of your university's existing systems into the Studo App without any additional effort. Courses, appointments, emails and so on are then clearly displayed and can be accessed with one click.

You can also visually customise the Studo App to match your university brand: Learn everything about white labelling and standalone apps here.

We live inclusion on many levels: Studo, for example, is a complementary system that does not replace or remodel any existing systems. In addition, the Studo App is developed to be accessible for all students.

Get some insights into the app

Features of the Studo App

  • Newsfeed: You can easily reach your students via the newsfeed and our tool Studo Newsroom. News from universities and students' unions and interesting articles for students are displayed in the newsfeed.

  • Mail: Thanks to the mail client in the app, students always have all important e-mails at hand.

  • Courses: In the Courses tab you can find all courses grouped by semester. There is also a menu with an overview and dates for each course.

  • Calendar: The calendar is filled automatically and without manual effort with the timetable imported from the university system.

  • Chat: Students can use the university forum to exchange information about city, university, their study programme and individual courses.

Further features are Wiki, an overview of grades or lunch menus.

Data protection in the Studo App

Data security is our top priority. That is why we do not have access to your students' data. You can find out more about the technical details of the Studo App here.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the Studo App and our extensions in person. If you are interested, simply write us an email or give our cooperation manager Lorenz Schmoly a call.

What is a university student app – and how can a university use it?14.10.2020

For some years now, "mobile first" has been the motto in the higher education sector. Universities and app providers are working on apps for students so that they can access university services such as e-mails, timetables, etc. on their smartphones. But what actually is a student app and how do students benefit from it during their studies?