overhead shot of laptops on wooden table

Studo Newsroom

For easy and efficient communication with students

Reaching students is getting more and more difficult? Share information quickly and efficiently via our web interface Studo Newsroom. Thanks to the Studo Newsroom you post directly to the newsfeed of the Studo App – a channel that students use every day.

Studo Newsroom is used by universities and student organizations to write, plan and publish information for their students. In addition to posts in the newsfeed of the Studo App, you can also add events to students' calendars and send push notifications.

mockup of Studo's webinterface Studo NewsroomIn the Studo Newsroom web interface, you write, plan and publish articles for students.

Features of Studo Newsroom:

  • Create and schedule postings for the Studo newsfeed

  • Create events in the students' calendar

  • Notify students via push notifications

  • Highlight posts in the newsfeed

  • Analytics of impressions, click rates and more

If you are interested in the Studo Newsroom, reach out to our cooperation manager Lorenz Schmoly by mail or phone. You can find more information about student communication in our blog (German).