You want to digitize your university?

Meet our Studo Flow Modules

Analogue administrative processes involve a lot of time and effort for university staff. Does your university use attendance lists that are filled out with pen and paper? Or do lecturers coordinate student groups and meeting dates by hand? Processes like these can be simplified and digitized with Studo Flow in just a few minutes.

Studo Cached API Gateway

Fast and secure middleware for all Studo Flow modules and the Studo App

Increase performance, speed and data security with our Cached API Gateway solution. Using a standardised interface hosted by Studo or your university, you have full control of user data for all further digital processes.

Here you can read more about Studo Cached API Gateway.

Campus Management Light

Organize university data in our clear CMS

Build the basis for your campus organization with Campus Management Light. Thanks to the simple and clear UI, data on students, lectures and appointments can be easily integrated. The perfect foundation for further digitization steps.

Digital Attendance List

Our digital alternative to pen and paper

Tracking students’ attendance takes up a lot of time and effort of university staff. Replace pen and paper with our digital and sustainable alternative: The Digital Attendance List. Let students check-in via live qr code and receive real-time insights into attendance rates.

Read more about the Digital Attendance List here.

Group registration

Organize student groups with one click

Simplify coordinating student groups with our group registration tool. Organise both groups and meeting dates with one click and reduce the workload of lecturers – so that they can focus on teaching and supporting students.

Door Opening System

The key to your digital university

From administrative staff to lecturers to students – manage access to the university for all these different groups. The doors to your digital university will not be opened with a key or using plastic cards, but simply via your own smartphone.

MS Teams extended

The bridge between MS and your university

We build the bridge between your university system and Microsoft Teams. Create groups and teams in MS Teams automatically and save yourself time and effort. You can also use our tool for automatic check-in to online lectures.

Payment on Campus

Easy payment for printers, cafeterias and more

Let’s simplify payment processes on campus: With our payment solution, students can use their smartphone to pay at the university. Whether it's at the printer, in the cafeteria or in the library – our solution supports all university use cases.

HTML Modules

Create your own modules

You want to digitize a new process with Studo Flow? Use our open platform as a basis for your ideas and create digital processes tailor-made for your university.

More about Studo Flow

We empower universities to digitize and simplify their administrative processes. You can configure and combine our modules specifically for your university’s needs. Studo Flow modules are easy to integrate into existing systems and complement them in the best way possible.

Lorenz Schmoly

Cooperations Manager

Andraž Hajdenkumer

Cooperations Manager