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Studo Survey

Increase response rates with surveys in the Studo App

You want to poll students but hardly reach them? With Studo Survey you can create surveys in no time and share them directly in the Studo App. Thanks to easy access, you obtain valid information and high response rates.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to reach students to collect feedback and opinions. That's why, with feedback from numerous universities, we have developed a tool that allows you to survey students in a simple and low-threshold way. Choose from a variety of question types to build short and concise surveys. Students can respond to your questions directly on their smartphones and deliver the best response rates.

The most important features of Studo Survey

  • Whether multiple-choice, scales or text formats – with Studo Survey you have the full range of question types at your disposal.

  • Plan your surveys in our communication tool Studo Newsroom and share them in the Studo newsfeed.

  • You can also see the results of the surveys in the Studo Newsroom.

mockup of Studo's webinterface Studo SurveyExemplary presentation of Studo Survey

Question types in Studo Survey:

  • Multiple Choice: Intuitive and popular – participants choose one or more answers to your multiple choice question.

  • Slider: Use this question format for rating scales or Likert scales.

  • Open questions: With this type of question, respondents enter their answers in a text box. You can also create placeholders to help with the text response.

  • Quiz questions: Polls or quizzes are a quick and easy way to gather opinions.

  • Add information at the beginning or end – for example, to thank participants for voting – or structure the survey with text and subheadings.

Quality and security

Optimal implementation in terms of data protection and security is our top priority. Studo Survey is a 100% GDPR-compliant solution developed in Austria and hosted in the EU by EU companies. You can find more information here.

Studo Survey is our newest add-on module and currently in the beta phase. Would you like to be one of the first universities to test our survey tool? We look forward to your interest by emailing or calling our cooperation manager Lorenz Schmoly.