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Studo App

Everything for your studies

Organize your studies with Studo! Studo combines all your studies in one app. Thanks to the calendar, timetable, e-mails, chat and more, you'll always be informed about everything you need for your studies.

More than 400,000 students in Germany, Austria and Slovenia already use Studo to organize their studies. What can you do with Studo? In this short video we show you the most important app features:

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📰 Newsfeed: In the newsfeed you find information from your university and your university representatives as well as exciting news about your everyday study life. 

📧 Mail: With the mail client you can read, write and send university e-mails directly in the app. We also notify you about important e-mails with push notifications.

🎓 Courses: In the category Courses you will find all courses grouped by semester. There is also a menu with details and dates for each course.

📅 Calendar: The calendar shows all your courses and exams for which you are registered. The calendar is filled automatically – you will never miss an appointment again!

💬 Chat: Talk with your university colleagues about the city, the university or  courses!

The Studo App also includes a wiki about your courses, a grade overview, cafeteria plans and all important links to your university services.

Please note that not all features are yet available at all universities.

Curious? Download the Studo App now!

Do you have questions about the Studo App?

If you have any problems or questions about the Studo App, please contact us directly in the Feedback & Support area directly in the app or check our  FAQs. There we answered the most frequently asked questions for you.

You are studying at several universities?

Even if you are matriculated at several universities, Studo will help you to organize your studies! You can add and manage all your universities in the settings of the Studo app. This way, you always have an overview of your appointments, mails and university systems.

What is the Studo PRO version?

The Studo PRO version adds 40 weeks to your calendar and you can define colours for calendar entries to create a better overview of your appointments. The PRO version allows you to search for individual e-mails within the Mail Search function: by sender, individual text passages or by subject. Thanks to our grade and ECTS statistics, you can see at a glance how far you have progressed in your studies. The Studo PRO version is also free of banner ads.

We are an independent third party and do not have any official cooperation with most of the universities we support. If your university already cooperates with us, you will receive the Studo PRO version for free.

Iris Pirker

Community Manager