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This is your Studo App

We're so happy that you're now part of the Studo community! ❤️ Studo organises your whole studies in one app. 🎉✌️

In this video, we explain the most important app features:

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Organize your studies with Studo! Studo combines all your studies in one app. Thanks to the calendar, timetable, e-mails, chat and more, you'll always be informed about everything you need for your studies.

In the Studo calendar you see all your courses and exams for which you are registered. The calendar is filled automatically – you will never miss an appointment again! With the Mail client you can read, write and send university e-mails directly in the app. We also notify you about important e-mails with push notifications. With the Chat you can talk with your university colleagues about the city, the university or courses!

IIn the category Courses you will find all courses grouped by semester. There is also a menu with details and dates for each course. Studo is also the only app that works cross-university. If you're enrolled at several universities, you can connect them all in the Studo App.

The Studo App also includes a wiki about your courses, a grade overview, cafeteria plans and all important links to your university services.

(Please note that not all features are yet available at all universities.)

As welcome goodie, you can try the PRO version of Studo for free with this code: welcome2studo – redeemable in the app at „GO PRO!“ ✌️  (The code is only redeemable once.)

We wish you a lot of fun with the app and all the best for your studies!
Your Studo team 🦄