Inclusion in development: Our inclusive and holistic approach at Studo

Inclusion is one of Studo's five core values. We strive to be inclusive in everything we do – everything from our software architecture to our accessible app and our collaboration with universities.


from Isabella Zick

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For Studo, inclusion takes place on many levels. We would like to introduce five of these dimensions in this blog post.

Inclusion in all projects

Whenever we develop new features for the app, we always listen to the feedback of our users. When it comes to our projects, we go even one step further. Whenever we develop new features for the app, we always listen to the feedback of our users. When it comes to our projects, we go even one step further. Here's an example: Together with the FH Campus 02, Studo has developed an app for university employees. This idea originated at the university itself, which then approached Studo with the request. In the pilot phase, university employees provided ongoing feedback, which enabled our developers to tailor the app precisely to the needs of university employees.

Another example is the Workload Assessment, which we developed together with the Medical University of Graz. We have been working on this since 2017 and by now, the Technical University of Graz, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria and the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna are also using the feature. You can read more about it here.

Inclusion in development

When a university collaborates with Studo, no additional effort is required from the university's IT department. The Studo App is a complementary system that does not replace existing university services. It doesn't matter how many online services a university provides - services such as Moodle or the campus management system can be found just as easily as the canteen schedule, grades or mails. Online services and web services are combined in one app. The Studo app adapts precisely to the needs of each individual university and its students in order to organize their studies in the best possible way.

One step further in inclusion is the white label solution: The Studo App can be branded in the university's corporate identity. With design elements like colors, logos and images, the Studo App is adapted to strengthen university brands!

Inclusive for multi-university studies

Organizing one study programme takes a lot of time and effort. But what happens when students are enrolled at several universities? Studo is the ideal tool for mastering this challenge. In the Studo browser, students can log in to all the universities at which they are enrolled with their university accounts. The app offers a central access point for all university systems, mails and other services. This means that students are perfectly organized, even beyond the borders of their own country. Studo already supports numerous universities in six countries. Why? To realize the idea of a Europe-wide higher education area.

Inclusive for students with disabilities

We want to do our part to prevent discrimination against people with disabilities and therefore want to ensure equal participation for all students. With the Studo App, students with visual impairments can master their everyday university life independently, from calendar planning to room searches to exam registration. Here you can find our audit report on the accessibility of the Studo App.

Inclusive communication with students

In the Studo newsfeed, universities, student unions and university organisations can publish student-relevant posts. The organisations can pre-plan and publish the posts via our communication platform Studo Newsroom.

Studo strives for inclusivity – on all levels. The inclusive development approach, cross-university organisation and accessibility enable universities and students to work together across borders.

If you would also like to implement a project together with Studo, please contact us. We look forward to working with you and your university to promote inclusive digitisation. ❤️

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