What is a university student app – and how can a university use it?

For some years now, "mobile first" has been the motto in the higher education sector. Universities and app providers are working on apps for students so that they can access university services such as e-mails, timetables, etc. on their smartphones. But what actually is a student app and how do students benefit from it during their studies?


from Isabella Zick

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1. Central access point to all university services

A student app provides easy and mobile access to the web services of a university. By automatically integrating calendar, courses and university emails, the student app becomes a personal companion throughout the entire study programme. This means that students are always up-to-date with changes to their timetable or important information from the university.

2. The ideal communication channel to reach students

Using a student app, universities can reach students easily and efficiently. Students use the app several times a day and are thus continuously provided with information from the university and their department. For particularly urgent messages, students can also be informed via push notifications. Universities can benefit from this valuable channel, but a student app is also suitable for the communication of university representatives or student councils.

3. An initiative for more satisfaction and activity

"Being informed about your studies is an important prerequisite for being active in your studies," emphasized Martin Payer, Financial Managing Director of FH JOANNEUM, in an interview with Studo. By using the student app, students become more involved with their studies and indirectly are more active. The mobile service makes it easier for students to manage their studies and they have to do less administrative work. This way, a university app also ensures satisfaction.

4. A community of students

A student app strengthens the sense of community among students. In forums and wikis, students can exchange information with each other, ask and answer questions about courses or share their learning materials.

5. An inclusive solution for all students

It is not only the integration of all university services that benefits students. If students with impairments are also taken into account in the development of the app, they too can organize their studies independently and participate in student life autonomously. This creates an inclusive solution for all university members. By the way, you can find Studo’s audit report on accessibility here.

6. A university's flagship

Through a student app, students are connected with the university from their first day on campus until graduation. An app in the university's corporate design strengthens trust in the university brand and also builds an emotional connection to the "alma mater".

There are numerous advantages of a student app, both for students and for universities. As a partner of students and universities, we are happy to accompany you on the way to your student app. You can find more information here.

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